HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi



HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, (Arabic: احمد بن فيصل القاسمي الشيخ),



HH Sheikh Ahmed born Faisal Al-Qassimi (Arabic: الشيخ احمد بن فيصل القاسمي) is a member of one of the Royal families o f the United Arab Emirates.

Born in Sharjah in January 1980, he studied at the Royal Military Sandhurst in the United Kingdom.
His father, HH Sheikh Faisal bin Salem Al Qassimi is also a great businessman and Sports Council in UAE.

Biography: After having completed his elementary and secondary education between Sharjah and Dubai, Al Qassimi went to study a Bachelor of Science of Business Administration major in management at the Royale Military Sadhurst College, he was Graduated in 2003.

In 2011, HH Sheikh Ahmed started to support the UAE Youth in the sport field and in 2012, HH joined his brother HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi in real estate and properties in the purchase of hotels in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Success: In the business part, he is actively growing in different sectors thanks to his ambition to make the UAE a better place for investors wishing to invest globally and / or locally and successfully, and launch their business in the UAE and GCC region.

He is the Co-Founder of Al Qassimi Group of Company and Investments Co. Sheikh Ahmed received his first international award when he was selected as "Young Global Leader 2008" by the World Economic.

FORUM: In April 2010, He was awarded as the prestigious young CEO of the year by Former French Prime Minister Dominique De Villepin.

Sheikh Ahmed is a big fan of sport, especially football. His educational and business background added to his experience in international business means that he is made up of a perfect pedigree to be able to lead investments to the next level and beyond.